Peoples Burglar Alarms is a third generation, family owned and operated business that has been building loyal customer relationships throughout Chicagoland for over 50 years. Although there are countless alarm equipment manufacturers in the industry, we mostly install Honeywell’s/Ademco’s (leader in the alarm industry) highest quality equipment because when it comes to security, our clients need for protection will not be compromised for the sake of a higher profit margin.

Even though we use the best quality security system equipment, our prices are still more competitive than most others in the industry, because we feel that everyone should be able to have their family protected from the serious threat of burglary.

Once you entrust us with your security needs, we will remain a part of your protection plan long after the installation is complete. With excellent affordable monitoring, prompt service calls, and the highest level of customer service, you will find that Peoples Burglar Alarms sincerely values your business and will protect your family and property as if it were our own.

Service Calls

Installation of a new alarm is only the beginning. Do not hesitate to call us with questions, concerns or training on your new systems and its many enhanced features. We know that adopting this new bit of technology in your home can be overwhelming, so let us help you in any way we can!

At Peoples Burglar Alarms, the installation of a security system is only the beginning of our relationship with the customer. We remain available for prompt, service calls any time you require adjustment, enhancement or training of any kind. An alarm is only as secure as its owner’s ability to use it fully and properly. Allow us to be there for you long after the system is installed. You will rest easy each and every night knowing that whenever there is a problem or concern, a seasoned technician is only a phone call away.

The Competition

Several alarm companies are heavily advertised and you have certainly heard their names. Unfortunately, the cost of this advertising is passed directly onto you the consumer in the form of higher monitoring rates and higher priced equipment.

Our large national competitors use subcontractors and have a great deal of employee turnover. Additionally, the large chains have no ability to provide long term service on an individualized or personal level. In truth, name recognition is no assurance of adequate, affordable protection or quality products.

Do not pay more for a lesser security system simply because you have heard their name. Our low overhead and seasoned owner operated staff means that Peoples can offer far superior quality at more affordable costs than any well-known name in the industry.


Industry Standards

The security system industry has many discount products and less than quality equipment, but that’s not what you deserve.

At People’s Burglar Alarms, we do not offer anything less than the highest quality line of products available in the security system industry. The Honeywell system and its components are the industry standard for excellent quality, consistent reliability, and flexible functionality. We install first rate Honeywell products and our security components are without equal, which is why our systems set the industry standard for excellence. With Peoples Burglar Alarms, you can rest assured that you have one of the highest levels of quality equipment and installation in the industry and your family and business will be protected.